Arranging for Amelia:

Amelia is a Portland, Oregon based band whose song-writing falls somewhere between alt-country and chamber-pop. They have three studio recordings to date, the third of which, A Long Lovely List of Repairs, I produced and arranged.
On this latest album, their core ensemble of guitar, bass, drums and vocals is fleshed out with a wide and eclectic instrumentation including strings, prepared piano, marxophone, bass harmonica, field organ, chamberlin, and various orchestral percussion. The result is both organic and original, easily shifting gears between their signature sounds: quiet vulnerability, off-kilter would-be show tunes, and heavier hitting rockers.
Check out the beautiful stroh violin (or trumpet-violin) solo by Megan Orton on “Enemigo” and the giant would-be banjo (actually prepared piano) on “Tragedy.”
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