Other Documentaries

Buck (dir. Cindy Meehl) tells the story of Buck Brannaman, the real life horse-whisperer. This is an amazing film that has seen rave reviews since it’s premiere at Sundance where it took home the Documentary Audience Award. My compositions The Last Cowboy, and Nickel Mountain were re-recorded to picture.
Mushroom Club (dir. Steven Okazaki) is an Academy Award nominated short film examining the history and the lingering effects of Hiroshima. My composition Width of the World is used as one of the film’s themes.
A Hard Straight (dir. Goro Toshima) is a doc that takes an in-depth look at people making the transition from incarceration to life on the outside. It won Best Documentary Feature at its South by Southwest premiere. My composition Bill was used in the soundtrack.
Fragile X & Crew 9 are a pair of short docs directed by Eric Kutner. Fragile X is a look at the disorder by the same name through the eyes of two families struggling with the disease. Crew 9 is a profile of a simulated Mars mission that falls apart in would-be devastating ways – leaving our scientists smoking cigarettes out of their spacesuits out on the mesas. I wrote original scores for both of these short films and contributed music to Eric’s narrative feature, The Snake.
Joe Papp in Five Acts (dir. Tracie Holder & Karen Thorsen) follows the life and work of the founder of New York’s Public Theater and features Meryl Streep, James Earl Jones (Darth Vader), Kevin Kline, and Christopher Walken among many others. Don Byron wrote some great original music for the score and several of my pieces are in the soundtrack.
Felix Austria
Felix Austria