dir. Alexander Payne



Nebraska is the new film by acclaimed director Alexander Payne (The Descendants, Sideways, Election) starring Bruce Dern and Will Forte. The story follows Bruce Dern’s character Woody on his quest to cash-in on the dubious sweepstakes letter he’s received in the mail – trying (and failing) several times to walk the 750 mile trip from Montana to Nebraska. A father/son road trip ensues and provides Woody a trip down memory lane and Woody’s son a new perspective on his father. It is beautifully shot black & white – and much of the score is in the foreground coupled with travel scenes.
It features a guitar driven score that blends elements of acoustic chamber music with Americana and alt country. Tin Hat Trio were reunited for this score as Rob and Carla were brought on as part of the core ensemble – and I got to work with Willie Nelson’s long-time right-hand man Mickey Raphael who plays harmonica on the soundtrack CD.
Nebraska premiered at The Cannes Film Festival where Bruce Dern took home the best actor prize.
Paramount will release the film in the U.S. on November 15th. The soundtrack will be released on both CD and digital download on Milan Records on November 19th.
“Mark Orton’s lovely score, which often employs just a guitar in combination with an array of individual second instruments, provides a constant source of pleasure.”
The Hollywood Reporter
…”the plaintive guitar-and-fiddle score by Mark Orton is another craft standout.”