Grand Coulee Laser Show

While not technically a film, I’ve decided to include this project on my site – largely to be able to show the world what I might have looked like as a project foreman on a multi-million dollar public works site. I was brought on to write the soundtrack for a laser show installation in central Washington State – a show that is projected on the mile wide spillway of the Grand Coulee Dam every evening between Memorial Day and Labor Day. It can be viewed from many spots in and around the town as well as in the main viewing area near the dam itself. The PA system carrying the music is scattered throughout the area – look up on a telephone poll or the side of a building and you’ll see a hidden speaker – that rock you’re sitting on: it’s a hidden speaker – etc.


It was a fun gig for me in an amazingly beautiful spot – and who knew that spending my early-teen years attending laser-Floyd and Zeppelin shows was really just r & d…


more info about the show: