dir. Matt Schulte

JOAN is a present day reimagining of the silent classic film, Carl Dreyer’s Passion of Joan of Arc. Set in a Conversion Therapy clinic, rather than a courtroom filled with judges, Joan defends herself from the clinic counselor’s attacks, foregrounding the gender identity issues implied in Dreyer’s masterpiece.

JOAN was a great opportunity for me as a composer – a black and white silent film with stunning imagery and a well-sculpted narrative, combined with a director open to musical and sonic exploration – all providing a perfect blank canvas on which to work.

There’s a string quartet at the core of the ensemble – Carla Kihlstedt & Megan Orton on violins, Dina Maccabbee on viola, and Justin Kagan on cello. The quartet is accentuated by prepared piano, gong, cymbals, waterphone, and e-bowed dobro.

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