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I’ve recently scored a pair of timely documentaries. Both are focused on climate change but approach the issue from very different vantage points.


From the Ashes is a Radical Media/Bloomberg Philanthropies produced film directed by Michael Bonfiglio that examines the coal industry. It looks at both the forces at work behind coal’s would-be resurgence, as well as the impact coal has on the environment globally. At the same time, it profiles the people most affected – from the struggles of the people in the West Virginia towns the coal industry left behind, to the boomtowns in the west’s tar-sands region. 


The film premiered at the TriBeCa film festival and is currently streaming on National Geographic Channel.


The Reluctant Radical is an upcoming biopic who’s subject, Ken Ward, has been staging actions against climate change for several decades. In a David and Goliath sense, he routinely risks incarceration as well as bodily harm in his attempt to bring attention to the what he calls the single greatest issue of our time. Check back for information on the premiere.




Deidre and Laney Rob a Train is streaming on Netflix. This is my second feature with director Sydney Freeland. We were paired together at The Sundance Institute, and D&L premiered there earlier this year. Old friend (and mega-talented drummer) Scott Amendola helped out on this one.


Entonces Nosotros, a Costa Rican feature directed by and starring Hernan Jimenez, is currently playing on HBO. I’m definitely channeling Henry Mancini on this score, and was lucky enough to work with the inimitable Ralph Carney on tenor and bass saxophone. Check out samples here.


Shut Up Anthony, a recent feature, has been winning awards on its festival run, taking home the Spirit Award at the 2017 Brooklyn International Film Festival. Check this link for upcoming screenings near you.


More to come including some overdue updates right here on this site! Check back soon.


From the Ashes poster





Deidra and Laney



Shut Up Anthony