Tin Hat






Tin Hat (formerly Tin Hat Trio) is a San Francisco Bay Area based composer collective that has spent the last 10+ years blurring the line between what is chamber music and jazz/improvised music. With seven CD’s under its belt, as well as countless performances and special projects in the U.S. and abroad, the group has garnered wide-spread acclaim for its signature sound. The present incarnation of the group features Mark Orton- guitars, Carla Kihlstedt– violin/voice, Ben Goldberg– clarinets, and Rob Reich on accordion and piano. Their music can be heard in many non-concert settings as well, accompanying theater, dance, film (silent and talkies), and circuses.


the rain is a handsome animal (2012 New Amsterdam Records)
Foreign Legion (2010 BAG Productions)
The Sad Machinery of Spring (2007 Rykodisk)
Book of Silk (2004 Artemis Records)
The Rodeo Eroded (2002 Ropeadope Records)
Helium (2000 EMI/Angel)
Memory Is an Elephant (1999 EMI/Angel)


more info: tinhat.org