Shut Up Anthony

dir. Kyle Eaton

 Shut Up Anthony

Shut Up Anthony is the story of a neurotic creative grinding out a living at a Portland ad firm who loses his girlfriend, job and dignity over the course of a few days. With nothing else to do, Anthony flees to his family’s timeshare where he encounters Tim, an estranged family friend who is also an alcoholic theology professor. The two are forced to share the space as they clash over relationships, religion, vodka and coaster etiquette.

“Shut Up Anthony benefits greatly from the original music of Mark Orton, whom you may recognize from his work on Alexander Payne’s Nebraska or the underrated Drunktown’s Finest. Orton’s music isn’t so much a musical accompaniment here as it is a subtle background character with a presence so sublimely perfect that one hears it long after leaving the theater.” – The Independent Critic

“Portland director Kyle Eaton’s film is well-paced and beautifully shot, with an excellent assortment of local music on the soundtrack, and ultimately, it holds together as quiet little portrait of despair. “ – The Portland Mercury

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