Camp Watertown Studios

Camp Watertown Studios is the personal recording and mix studio of Mark Orton. Located just outside Portland, Oregon, it combines the best in boutique recording equipment with an impressive array of antique and rare instruments.


In addition to his career as a composer and performer, Mark is at home on either side of a recording console, having acted as both engineer and producer on many projects. In 1992, after finishing his studies at The Hartt School of Music and The Peabody Institute, he became one of the chief engineers at The Knitting Factory in New York City. At the time it was considered the center of the avant-garde / improv / new-music scene on the east coast, and featured two live performance venues, as well as a recording studio and record label. Orton worked with artists ranging from John Zorn and Sun Ra to Laurie Anderson and Sonic Youth. He went on to tour with many of the performers he had worked with as a live sound engineer, including Bill Frisell, John Lurie and the Lounge Lizards, and Mr. Bungle among others.



1913 Steinway Grand
1897 Mason&Hamlin Reed Organ
(2) Estey Field Organs
(3) Toy Pianos, including
5-Octave Schoenhut
Frontalini Accordion
Indian Harmonium


Vintage Slingerland
Concert Bass Drum
Musser Marimba
(2) Glockenspiel
(2) Antique Marching Snare Drums
Staggering Array of Additional Orchestral
and Ethnic Percussion


Many Guitars
Many Banjos
Many Lap Steels
1937 Dobro Square-neck
Autoharp, 21-Chord
Stroh Violin


One of the Boomingest
Bass Harmonicas Known to Man