Sweet Land

dir. Ali Selim


A period drama set in rural Minnesota between the two world wars, Sweet Land tells the story of a German mail-order bride and her struggle to be accepted into a small farming community. Anti-German sentiment runs high, and the pastor of the church refuses to let her marry her suitor. The couple’s love grows as they work towards acceptance.


Director Ali Selim was looking for a score that was innovative while still true to the time period. Piano, guitar, and strings are complemented by folk instruments of the era: autoharp, field organ, and nykelharpe among others.


The soundtrack won several festival awards including Best Original Score at The Nashville International Film Festival and provided a nod from The International Film Music Critics as I received a nomination for Best New Composer (2006). Tin Hat band-mate Carla Kihlstedt contributed two pieces to the score as well.


more about the film: www.sweetlandmovie.com
soundtrack available at CD Baby