The Old Joe Clarks

The Old Joe Clarks is the brainchild of Mike and Jill Coykendall. Originally based in San Francisco, their sound can best be described as alt-country with a strong dose of Americana. Mike’s song-writing is at once current and timeless- though the arrangements are often steeped in an inventive indy-rock, his vocals can sound at times as if they’re coming from someplace deep in ancient Appalachia.
At first as their drummer, Mark Orton joined the trio of Mike Coykendall (guitar/voice), Jill Coykendall (bass/clarinet) and Kurt Stevenson (guitar/lap-steel/fiddle) in 1997. The group later expanded to include Rob Burger(of Tin Hat Trio) on organ and accordion, and Pat Campbell on drums, with Mark switching to guitar, lap-steel, and tipple.
They have recorded three CD’s, Town of Ten (1997), Metal Shed Blues (1999), and November (2002). They have toured both in the U.S. and Europe in several configurations, the latest as a trio with the two Coykendall’s and Orton.
Concert review of Mark’s playing in the OJC’s:
“Mark Orton and his lap steel guitar played the stars out of heaven.”
— Dutch Press
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