The Lears

dir. Carl Bessai

The Lears



The Lears is a quirky black comedy and a modern-day homage to Shakespeare’s classic King Lear, in which the old King wanted each of his three daughters to prove their love so he could determine who was most worthy of getting his kingdom. In this modern spin, Davenport Lear, iconic architect, has created a family retreat also to test the love of each of his children as he contemplates his future.


When his dysfunctional family hears the bombshell that he has decided to marry his younger personal assistant that Sunday, it sets off an explosive and funny round of devious behavior and conflict as each of them jockeys for position borne of self-interest, greed and jealousy. In the end, the film raises fundamental questions about the nature of love, sexuality, family relationships and honesty, demonstrating that what lies below the surface is often very different from outward manifestations.


Written and Directed by Carl Bessai, starring Bruce Dern, Anthony Michael Hall and Sean Astin.


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